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Long Form TV Drama

Resource 1  Character profiles for Mr Robot

Resource 2 Powerpoint on Codes and Conventions of LFTV Drama (Thriller focus)

Resource 3 Guardian article on Trapped, good for context

Resource 4 - everything OCR recommends to study for LFTV drama

Sample answers for paper 2 from page 7

Here are some essential student revision website for Stranger Things, Trapped and Mr Robot
Click on any of the images below for revision resources designed to help you prepare for paper 2. 
Jungle Book.jpg
jungle book overview.JPG

If Radio comes up, please don't make the common mistakes that most students do.

1 - BBC is not owned or funded by the government

2 - BBC is not commercial, it is a PSB (public service broadcaster) paid for through a license fee.

3 - They have to follow and honor their remit - see here for full details.

4 - Use examples from an episode you've listened to support points. 


The way audiences access media is changing, so the PSB model has changed.  Some people would argue that we don't need to pay the license fee anymore since lots of content is available on commercial or subscription based services.

However, with a remit to retain impartiality and bias, the BBC might be one of our country's last great institutions.

PSBs have to remain creative and industrious to maintain audiences and attract people to their shows.

minecraft 1.jpg
Whether you like Minecraft or not, it has become the biggest game ever, now overtaking Tetris.  If you get a question on Mincraft it will expect you to use your knowledge and understanding of the text to explain it's popularity with audiences and how industries have tapped into this to continue this trend.  
Key factors:  Age and gender accessibity; massive fan base and prosumer culture on social media; MineCon and cross-platform potential; conglomerate influence across devices.  Know your facts!
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