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Here are the key terms and processes you need to understand for each industry.

Film - IMPORTANT - please make sure you use contemporary/current cast studies.  Using dated examples from these presentations will not help you.
For 2018 I recommend you use something produced by Disney, ideally Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and contrast this with something such as Warp Films' Ghost Stories or Yardie (upcoming film).  Both contrast very nicely together.

music industry - again, make sure your examples are current and not taken from old presentations you found on the internet.  Why?  Because the industry is evolving so quickly!

You need to really mention this as your core case study this has massive implications for the way that the big six will become the big five, and how the video streaming market will be shaken up as Hulu effectively become Disneyfied. 
This article talks about the potential for Disney of owning Fox's back-catalogue of films, including the remainder of the Marvel universe (albeit Hulk and Spiderman - rights with Sony) and how this can affect production.  
This article, amongst others, highlights how Warp Films expanded their horizons by looking at the TV market  but also focused on attracting new talent to expand on their talent pool which seemed quite similar give the notes here  However, you should check out the two trailers below and think about how they both use similar and different techniques to maintain and also attract national, global and local audiences and how YouTube has had a massive influence on their success. 
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