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 The media is everchanging.

Tomorrow will herald a new advancement in technology or a story will break in the news that highlights the importance of media (democracy), a problem caused by media (think riots and disaffected youth) and our reliance upon it (you're using it right now to further your knowledge.  We are also the most spied upon nation in Europe, not just out and about but with access to technology that used to be reserved just for James Bond. 

 Home security and surveillance from FlyOnTheWall.Uk.Com

The media now pages contain some RSS feeds to keep certain topics current and relevant to your study.  We have also sought permission from the BBC and other media organisations to embed video content for academic use within the site.

Other resources may be upto a year old, but they will be clearly dated so you can reference accurately in your exams.  Source links are usually provided on all material within the site.  Check out the media archive which is an ongoing work in progress, please feel free to add to it.  Please note that this is ongoing...

This widget from Collecta is displaying a real-time link to what everyone on the net is thinking about Media Studies, right now as you read this.   Click the link above to see a different type of search engine that has evolved as a result of our changing usage of the internet.  You can use it as a useful research tool to track hot news that everyone is talking about on social networking sites, like it was during the Iran riots (2009) and London riots (2011). 

UK Election Campaign April/May 2010 (now archived): 

These were historic times, the UK politicians utilised all forms of media for the first time in history, most notably a national TV debate.  One of the earliest demonstrations of how effective TV was over Radio/Newspapers was the USA's coverage of the presidential candidates debate in the 1960.  Do a bit of research before watching these contrasting clips, the first from the USA debate and the second is from the UK coverage of election 2010:

You'll notice that the last clip was a mash up, a product of web 2.0 or we media

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