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Sorry that this page has been so empty for so long, been having some encoding issues.  Do check out scribd and slideshare.net to find good examples created by Uni boffs and teachers.

Rememeber, all media industries in this country are regulated in some way.

To summarise:

Film - regulated by the British Board of Film Classification, visit www.bbfc.co.uk or www.sbbfc.co.uk if you would like a range of case studies.  Main BBFC site also has comments about every film that they have rated, so you can see if anything was cut.

TV - Now under the control of OFCOM, so next time you see Christina Aguilera humping a chair during the X-factor, you know who to call (just don't mention it to the Daily Mail)

MUSIC - Self regulatory, their issues come with piracy and copyright infringement mainly, all thanks largely to the internet.  Developments are happening all the time.

Internet - Ofcom is now able to enforce some standards against advertisers, I would certainly recommend you visit the Ofcom website and see what their remit is for yourself. www.ofcom.gov.uk

Advertising - regulated by the Advertising Starndards Authority www.asa.org.uk if you want to see heaps of case studies and understand their ideology.

Video Games - Used to be BBFC until June 2010, now it's PEGI or www.pegi.eu they aim to provide a clearer and universal code for classifiying all video games sold in the UK.

search for "cemp and media regulation" to see what you can find.  Often, regulation quesitons are the least popular to answer but do actually give you heaps to talk about.

More materials being developed for Dec 2011



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