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Don't expect it to be a repeat of Year 12.  More to follow...

Whatever brief you choose to complete in Year 13, what's important is that you begin the planning process straight away.  You need to evaluate where you went wrong in Year 12 and how you can improve on areas of technical production and theoretical understanding, underpinning your work with key terminology and reference against excellent case studies and research.

There are several websites that can explore practical skills, most have been listed here, but the best source of advice is not from a website or a text book but from your media teacher. (resources are currently in production, in the meantime visit the links below).

Print: http://getaheadocrmedia.blogspot.com/

Radio: see above link

Film & Video:

Music Videos - you will need to research their origins, identify the key stages of their evolution and be able to identify the key technical codes and conventions of this genre - whilst knowing a bit about why they all look so similar and how video sharing websites have changed everything... 

to see an A2 blog in progress, visit http://callumgeorgiegemmaa2practicalproduct.blogspot.com/ and watch it develop and improve as the coursework deadline approaches in January 2011

Web: There are several websites you can find, the best for coding expertise is www.w3.com

Websites to help develop and enhance practical skills:







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