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All the latest news, reviews and uses of technology within media will be right here:

Key Terms: technological Convergence


  • The following website provides an insight to what the mediascape might looklike in the year 2020 www.mocom2020.com Remember, this is just one organisation's prediction, you should watch related videos and video responses.  The comments are also very humorous.
  • Examination of the impact of HDTV and Sky Sports 3D TV on audiences is a significant evolution in how we consume media.  Remember, that we are only a few years away from an advancement of HDTV to superHD.
  • http://www.connectedtv.eu/iplayer-and-xbox-game-over-309/ article on the importance of staying connected and networking between large institutions. 

Sky at the pub will never be the same


Connectedtv.eu – current articles on huge changes affecting European TV consumption, from HD to Satellite and advertising revenues. Stuff you won't always find on the BBC news technology page.



The following link will take you to a video where the financial implications of media budgets for advertising will be affected as a result of technological shifts.  Video


Youtube videos:

Remember the film Minority report?  watch clips from this dystopian view of how technology will be viewed and compare to the clip below, taken from a 2009 technology event (already 18months olda!!).



Microsofts future vision in hd & Office Labs' future vision for technology in education - Q:How will apple's patent on multi touch technology affect these institutions?

You should also examine the impact of new technology on gaming experiences.  How will interactivity change?  Current case studies will be the XBOX Kinect, Steam game distribution and the advancement of 3D technology of the DS which doesn't require glasses.


http://www.archive.org Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library offering free universal access to books, movies & music, as well as 150 billion archived web pages.




More to follow here.

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