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It's everywhere, that's why!

Okay, if you want better reasons:

  • An A Level in Media Studies will give you a deeper insight into how the media works in the UK and around the world.  You will understand the processes involved in exchanging information, and how the entertainment industry is structured.  This includes the film industry, music industry, video games industry, print industry and new media (web 2.0).
  • If you're contemplating acareer in the media, or are simply interested in any of the above media sectors, you should find this course stimulating and enjoyable.   It also compliments many of the core subjects you may study at A-level, offering you skills you will find nowhere else.
  • You'll write various essays requiring skills of analysis, interpretation and debate.  You will be able to comment on topics like globalistion of the media, democracy in the online age, advertising, media regulation and the impact of social networking sites on traditional media platforms.  The coursework component of the A level will allow you to produce media texts in print, radio, film, video games or web design depending on the resources of your chosen school/college and expertise of the media practitioners.  Hopefully you'll become familiar with a few.


Further Study After A Level Media Studies:


The course gives students a wide array of skills to prepare you for taking a university Degree in subjects including Media Studies, Journalism, Graphic Design, Marketing and other business or creative subjects.  All industries rely upon the media to support their business interests, whether it be a facebook page, twitter update, full blown website or weekly publication/blog.

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