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Much of how you engage with the course will depend on your own personal experiences and usage of the media. 

All dedicated Media students should complete the following simple exercise.  Take a sheet of A4 and draw a straight line across the middle (a timeline), once you've done that write your birth date on the left and present date on the far right.  Record the following information:

  • First Games Console
  • First film you remember seeing at the cinema
  • First Stereo/walkman/ipod or similar
  • First Mobile Phone (and subsequent upgrades)
  • First Camera and digital camera
  • First Camcorder (perhaps you just got a phone that did it all)
  • First email account
  • First social networking account
  • first online purchase
  • dates you joined and ditched social network sites.
  • first download (legal or illegal for you limewire bandits)

Other accounts to link: Flickr/piczo, Blogger/blogspot, first webcam conversation/usage, first kiss (just checking!), first mp3 player, first lap top, first experience of Wifi, first media studies lesson, first use of youtube, your first online group/community.

Activity: complete a script describing your consumption of the media from when you were little to present day. Using still images and voice over, create a simple video about Youmedia.

you media

Connectives to help with your script:

EG: I was born in .... my family had in their home (list items) .....  When I was 6 I watched my first DVD ... we upgraded to a ... this was replaced by a ...  we switched to a ... (try and include model numbers and brands if possible to identify any accidental loyalty).

Keep it simple! Practise saying it a few times until it flows, then find the images using a search engine and edit in a simple piece of software like moviemaker or imovie (above).  This is just a guide.

Useful preparation when studying for the critical concepts exam, OCR unit G325 media in the online age, or as an intro to Media Studies in Year 12:

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